Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bedroom Peep Show

Get your mind out of the gutter, people, this blog is about houses! Anyway, this post serves to simply share in the excitement that Phil and I finally, after 6 months, have found some direction for our master bedroom, and want to share a little preview (or PEEP, if you will) of what we have in mind. The room has gone completely untouched so far, and the disaster area finally got to us enough to light a fire under our bums. So we decided that our Christmas present to each other would be to finally furnish and decorate our bedroom. Oh joy! Then it only took a few hours of deliberation before we landed on a direction as far as paint colors, etc., and here's a sneak peek at what we ended up with....

Oh yeah. We are not messing around with this room. Those of you who know Phil well may be shocked that he would go for something like this (I'm the more bright, funky color one of the family - he's more into neutral [aka boring] stuff).  But I pitched my idea with such cunning skill that he went for it.  The plan is for the walls to be some sort of dark grey/slate color, and because we are planning to build or thrift all of our furniture in there, we solved the problem of making furniture that doesn't match match - by making it so far from matching it seems purposeful. Each piece of furniture will be one of those bright colors, which against the gray walls, gets me excited. The hope is it will be super funky, fun and unique with the bright colors on the furniture, but still cozy and neutral with the grey walls. The dresser we pulled off the curb in my parent's neighborhood is already on it's way to embracing that funky green in the pic above (stay tuned for more info on that!).

Our plan for the master bath (which is directly connected to the bedroom, with no door or anything so you see into it from the bedroom), is to either continue the grey onto the bathroom walls and paint the vanity cabinets a funky color OR paint the walls in the bathroom a funky color (since there really isn't a ton of wall space in there) and paint/stain the cabinets a more neutral color. Still have some decisions to make.

Lesson Learned: Go big or go home! We aren't 100% sure that this idea will look as good as it does in our heads, but in the name of not having a super bland, could-see-it-in-the-pages-of-a-JCPenny-catalog house, we are going for it!

Has anyone else attempted a similar design concept/color scheme in their house? How did it turn out? Ever start moving forward on a risky design without being sure it would turn out?


  1. Girl,you should come join me in real estate as an interior designer/home stager! Great ideas and taste. I really like it. :)

    1. Thanks! We'll see how it turns out, though. ;) Hopefully our execution is just as good as our ideas.