Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrift Store Win!

Phil and I made the rounds to our favorite thrift stores this past weekend, and came out with some sweet, sweet deals...

Everything you see on that table cost us a whopping $50 total.  That might sound like a lot, but most of that $50 went towards that painting you see on the left with the sunset scene.. that sucker ran us $35, and we splurged on that guy because we are planning to paint a favorite quote onto it ala this awesome project that inspired us. We've been searching and searching for an old, cheap painting that we liked enough to stencil over so when we finally found one we agreed on, we figured the $35 price tag was workable.  So that means we got the rest of our loot (3 frames, 2 shadow boxes, a wine rack and a big ball of jute) for $15.  Those frames and shadow boxes all ran us $1 each, on average, with most of them being discounted, the wine rack was $3.50 and the ball of jute was $2.50.  What are we going to do with all of it, you ask? And why on earth did we buy such hideously ugly stuff, you also may ask?

Well none of what you see here will stay as-is.  Like I already mentioned, the sunset painting will have a quote stenciled over.  The rest of the frames and shadow boxes will be painted/stained/altered and the content will be replaced with something personal.  Then they are all going up on the wall that is directly adjacent to our front door, to make the beginnings of what will eventually become a giant frame wall.

The wine rack is going to be painted and turned into a yarn rack to store all of my yarn in an organized fashion (instead of throwing it all in a bag where it gets tangled and impossible to sort through).

The ball of jute is going to have endless crafty possibilities.... from gluing it around a frame, to making tie backs for curtains to wrapping it around cans, jars or vases, that $2.50 ball will last me through quite a few awesome projects TBD.

So that was our successful trip to the thrift! Although the one sad-faced part of the day was that I did have to walk away from this beauty...

Most of you probably think that sucker is hideous, but I have a serious affinity for 1970's decor and art.  This was labeled as being an original 1976 painting, and the second I saw it I wanted it. Bad. But Phil is one of those many who thought it was hideous and wouldn't let me adopt it. Wah wah wah..... oh well. It will live on forever in my dreams, though!

Lesson Learned: It's worth the intense brain power required to sort through thousands upon thousands of items in a thrift store to score some awesome, inspiring deals.  Also, it's hard these days to go to a thrift store and not hear this in my head the whole time... 

Anyone else score sweet finds at a thrift store recently? Got any favorite thrift stores that are sure to deliver?

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