Thursday, March 14, 2013

A New Name and a Baby Step

In case you didn't notice, "This Idiot's Guide to Home Improvement" is no more.   I had been toying with renaming the blog for a while, and finally bit the bullet.  I do a lot of DIY/crafty things that don't always fit into the category of "home improvement" that I might someday want to write about, so I decided the old title was too specific (and in a google search, get's buried under 1,000,000 "The Idiot's Guide to BLANK" search hits). So say hello to "One Oops At a Time."  Because whether it's home improvement, crafts or crochet.... you know I'm gonna screw it up at least once. So now my blog is more open to sharing other endeavors, while still highlighting my incompetence. Because self-esteem is for losers, obviously.

So, anyways, onto one of the latest updates going in our casa.  As I've mentioned previously, we are chest-deep in the complete redecoration of our master bedroom and bathroom (I hesitate to call it a "renovation" because we are really using what we've got - no major changes other than lots and lots of paint and actually having furniture for once).  One baby step along the way was painting our closet.  While most people might really wonder why the heck we are going through the trouble of painting our closet of all things, it made sense for us. Here's why... our master closet extends off of our master bathroom which extends off of our master bedroom. While the closet originally had a door, we quickly realized it served no purpose and just took up space (we never ever closed it, and so it just got in the way). Sayonara closet door. Oh and the bathroom is door-less too (there's a door separating off the toilet room, but other than that, the bedroom flows unobstructedly into the bathroom). So that means you have a constant view into our walk-in closet.  The new color scheme for our bathroom is a smoky gray with bright white trim.. so the peachy-pink-off-white walls and golden oak trim just could not stay in the closet, given the open flow of the rooms. So without further ado...



The closet will obviously fill up more with clothes and shelves and hampers, but you get the idea.  Our closet all of a sudden has class. Never thought I'd need a classy closet. But now that I have one, I'm happy. I'm in love with the colors, especially the contrast of the gray and the white trim.  And given that I've seen the bathroom evolve into this same color scheme, oh yeah, I'm excited. Can't wait to share the rest of the transformation.  The bathroom is about 90% done - all that's left is getting a new light fixture, touching up some paint, finding a new shower curtain  that Phil and I both like (which is harder than you might think, oy), and maayyyybe getting some new sink faucets while we are at it. Hopefully I can share a finished bathroom update soon! As for the bedroom, we are one last coat of paint away from being done painting our armoire, and once that's done we can start bringing the furniture in and rearranging the layout. All that's left then is to build a bed (no sweat), thrift some nightstands, get a new ceiling fan, get new curtains, bedding, lampshades and then get some art on the walls. So close, yet so far....

Lesson(s) Learned: Even the smallest little changes, like painting your closet, can bring joy to a homeowner's heart.  Don't be afraid to extend your updates into spaces like closets, it might be more exciting than you think! 


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    1. So do I! Can't wait to share the rest of the bedroom and bathroom updates, which involves more of the beautiful white trim. :)