Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Can't Think of a Good Armoire Pun

As I've already mentioned here and here  we are in the midst of (and probably finally over the halfway hump) redecorating our master bedroom and bathroom. Today I'm happy to report that one more element of that mass redecoration has been checked off the list!

We bought an armoire last summer from an old high school classmate of mine, and at the time didn't quite know what we were going to do with it but knew we would make good use of it somehow.  We finally decided it would be perfect for our bedroom, to house our TV (and other miscellaneous junk).  It started out black, like this:

As you may remember from my post about the plans for our bedroom color palette here all of the furniture going into the bedroom was destined to don a funky bright color, this armoire not excluded. We decided on Raspberry Mousse for this big guy, and now he is a tad more flashy, in an amazing sort of way: 

Oh yes, glorious.  To get this puppy looking like this, we sanded the armoire just enough to scratch up the surface, and followed with 2 coats of Zinsser's water-based primer.  
The paint guy at the Depot was kind enough to suggest tinting the white primer to help get the color where we wanted, so he brought the primer halfway to the actual color to help with that process (something I hadn't thought of before, so I was glad he suggested it!).  Followed by 3 coats of paint, here we are! We also spray painted the knobs with a couple coats of a metallic black spray paint just because they were a little dinged up. 

Here he is flashing you his goodies.  I love having the TV somewhere you can hide it away if you want, since TV's tend to not be all that nice to look at when you're not actually watching them. Plus it has additional storage for future stuff we are sure to accumulate.  And may I please say this is quite an upgrade from having our TV propped up on a box on the floor in the bedroom, which has been our setup since May. Yikes. 

Oh, and spoiler alert, you can get a sneak peek at the wall color in the bedroom in these pictures.  Our vision is turning out just how we had wanted, and we are feeling very optimistic now that we are getting closer to the finish line. Soon, grasshopper, soon. 

Oops Count: Possibly 1. I had read on other blogs that when painting over glossy, laminate-esque surfaces (like this guy was sporting), that Zisser's oil-based primer was the best at covering.  I was talked out of it by the Depot-guy and went with the water-based on his recommendation.  However, given that it took 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint to get this thing covered, and even then it's not crazy durable (the paint scratched off pretty easily and we had to touch up quite a few spots after hauling it upstairs), I'm thinking the blogosphere might have really known what they were talking about.

Lesson Learned: TBD. I think next time I'll try the oil-based primer and see for myself which is really better. Other than that one possible misstep though, this was a rather seamless process. Nice to have one of those every so often for a nice change of pace.

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