Thursday, March 21, 2013

Insanity Loves Company

I already mentioned one of the projects I tackled at a recent Pinterest Party I hosted (aka eat, drink, be crafty with friends) here, but now I want to share one more project I conquered during that time (apparently copious amounts of sangria = productivity overload! I actually completed three projects during that party. Go me.)

So in this post you saw the awesome haul of stuff we found at a whirlwind trip to local thrift stores one Saturday.  To refresh your memory, here's what we walked away with:

Well that blue frame and the jute twine you see there got together and created an awesome lovechild for our front entryway.

This is a card that Phil got me for our anniversary a couple years back. I thought the sentiment was a perfect way to welcome friends and guests over as they enter our house.

I stumbled across the card in a basket of random stuff in our yet to be unpacked "office," and apparently I'm on a big framing-greeting-cards kick (I did it in the kitchen, too, as you can see here), so I rolled with it.  I loved the blue frame as is, and thought the blue went nicely against the chocolate milk colored walls, and added a fun punch of color.  However, the card wasn't quite big enough to fill the frame, and I didn't have a mat to use (so you could see the back of the frame around the edges of the card.  I could have just plopped some paper behind the card to cover up the naked back of the frame, but decided to get a little more creative than that.  Enter jute twine! I simply hot glued the twine around the frame to create a mat that covered up the empty space in the frame and added a really fun and unique element to the project in general. Love.

Oh, and one thing I've always grappled with when you hang picture frames is what the heck to do with those pesky stands that are on the back (to make the frame table-top ready).  I've ruined a few frames trying to just rip those suckers off (they are bolted on there with super-Hulk-strength hardware usually).  This time around I just decided to leave it be, and I just hot-glued the stand to the frame so it laid flat (otherwise it pushed the frame out from the wall just a touch). Hot glue cures all ailments. (Has anyone else figured out how to get around those things, though? I feel like there's gotta be a way to get rid of them and I just somehow missed the memo...)

There ya go. Just one more small step towards our house feeling more and more like home.

So, as the card states, insanity loves company. Come on over. :)

Oops Count: Zero! Wow. Gotta take these small wins when I can get 'em.

Lesson Learned: A giant ball of jute twine for $2.50 really is a brilliant purchase. Can't wait to see what else I can use that stuff for in the future. As of now, I see a jute twine wrapped vase in my near future.... (oh and I just thought you should know that only after proofreading this a handful of times I just noticed I had originally written "jute twine wrapped face." This is why you don't blog under the influence of cold medicine).

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