Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Duct Tape to the Rescue!

Duct tape truly has infinite uses, as evidenced by our latest mini-update in our never-ending bathroom redecoration. See, our master bath came with a medicine cabinet all up in the wall. No complaints at first, and we really like the hidden storage for all of our various forms of medicine. But when we painted and the space became a grey/white utopia, we hit a snag. See, the medicine cabinet is a lovely off-white/yellowy-beige color that just did not jive with all of the white & cool tones of the new bathroom. I pondered for a while what to do - paint it? (It's glossy, slick plastic so paint probably wouldn't stick very well) Buy a new medicine cabinet? (They are upwards of $100-200 so that wasn't so appealing) Just deal with it as is? (My OCD matchy-matchy color tendencies would have gone nutters over it eventually) As you've probably guessed by now, I ended up using white duct tape to cover up the beige frame. I just carefully taped around the edges, trying to be as neat as possible, and boom! White medicine cabinet. Like most things in our house, if you look closely, it's quite clearly duct tape and maybe not the neatest job in the world, but our house is not meant for the nearsighted. It solved the problem of the eyesore beige cabinet sufficiently for me (and I think this truly was a just-for-me project, as 2 days later Phil has yet to even notice anything is different.) See below for a before/after shot. Hopefully you can see the difference alright.

Cheers to one more thing crossed off the list! We are crawling towards the finish line on our bathroom/bedroom "remodel." Fingers crossed we are done by he end of summer?!

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