Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No, seriously, never leave our house.

I already shared my little crafty art addition to our entryway here, and I'm back to share another update to that space. 


Voila! While hunting through our favorite flea market, I found this little vintage print that just so happened to be 50% off. The sentiment is cute and obviously goes with our "Welcome to our house, please, never leave" message that we are apparently trying to convey to our guests.

If you can't read it, it says "Our home is just a stopping place for those who come this way. We're glad to see each smiling face, and which they all might stay."

I love the colors (the blue in the new print goes nicely with the blue frame next door), and the awesome vintage quality makes me feel happy inside. I also love that it not only fills up that space a bit more (the one frame on that wall felt a little lonely), but now our guests will have no doubts that if we had our way, we'd lock them up in our basement forever, hang out with them, like, all the time if we could.

Oops Count: Zero! Good confidence booster to know I can simply hang up a small frame without any missteps. A year ago I might not have been able to say that.

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