Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Operation Goodnight Kitchen Clutter

So, thanks to some ready-to-install helpful organization items from The Depot of Home, one area of our kitchen over the past few months has gone from messy cluttered nightmare to streamlined, organization unicorn heaven.  See, under our kitchen sink we have two false drawer fronts and a cabinet.  As with 99% of the American families, we use this under-the-sink-cabinet as a catch-all for various cleaning items (and two- yes, two- fire extinguishing options. Next time you see me ask me about the time I almost burned down our apartment with a tea kettle.)

Up until Operation GKC got underway, this cabinet was just a mess - stuff strewn about, shoved in the cabinet and fishing anything out was a nightmare of digging things out from under other things and causing a cascading avalanche of cleaning supplies as a result. (I apologize I did not snag photographic evidence of this natural disaster before the relief efforts began). So I purchased two ready to install slide out drawers meant to solve such problems as ours, and voila:

Kitchen Clutter Problem #2, the solution to which you got a sneak peek of in the above photos, was located about twelve inches north, at our sink (our ugly, scratched, stained, needs-to-be-replaced-yesterday sink). We like to have a little dish-soap dispensing scrubby brush on hand for when we hand-wash dishes, and it always ended up getting plopped on the edge of the sink. Not only was it not pleasant to have to look at it all the time, but it meant the edges of the sink were perpetually wet and soapy, and the thing rarely stayed put, so it was constantly sliding into the sink and getting in the way.  So I got a handy dandy tip-out-tray kit for the false drawer front and voila, yet again!

The false drawer front now tips out on hinges, and has a little tray to keep our little scrubby brush hidden and out of the way. Glorious!

While all I had to do was install these pre-invented solutions, I am still proud that I was, in fact, able to install these items without fail, and all by myself at that! It has helped tremendously in making this part of our kitchen feel organized and clean all the time. Hooray!

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