Monday, March 3, 2014

TIGER BLOOD! March: Days 1 & 2

Well it's finally arrived - TIGER BLOOD! March commenced yesterday.  I'm trying to juxtapose my experiment with the 30-day timeline that the folks over at Whole30 created, just to see how my experience is stacking up to what seem to be the most commonly experienced phases...

According to Whole30 day 1 has been deemed "So, What's the Big Deal?" during which time you are supposed to have a pompous sort of confidence of your ability to seamlessly eat paleo for the next 30 days (or more).  For myself, I would rename Day 1: "Crap, This is Actually Going to Take Work?"  Beyond doing lots of research and buying out the entire contents of Whole Foods, we did little to prepare, perhaps expecting the pompous confidence of Day 1 too much.

Breakfast was easy - eggs. Duh.

Lunch was a bit harder, given I wasn't going to be home. So I packed up some sliced fruit and veggies and some almonds and figured it wasn't too bad.  I actually didn't get around to eating any of it until I got home later that day, so I swapped the almonds for an apple and almond butter (which just so happens to be my favorite snack of all time so I am thrilled to have a green light to consume it).  Ideally, some form of meat would have been ideal here, but that's where our poor planning came into play. No cooked meat to be had.

Dinner was also a bit of a challenge because we ended up joining my family for dinner at my parent's house.  Luckily they let us cook fajitas for them, and we just said a tearful "no, thank you" to the tortillas and cheese, and chowed down on as much chicken, steak, peppers and onions as we could muster.

We both left dinner still somewhat hungry and not sure what to do about that.  Are we supposed to be hungry? Is this our body still adapting to the new way of being fueled? Did we genuinely not eat enough? We both had a small snack (cashews for me, grapefruit for Phil) when we got home, and called it a night. All in all, not too bad. We survived.

The real snag came when we started thinking ahead to the rest of the week, though.  Lunch, at work, in particular, feels challenging. So we ended up doing a bit of the "Sunday CookFest" thing that we've heard so much about.  We cooked up a bunch of ground beef, steamed some veggies, hard-boiled some eggs, made some (shockingly delicious) paleo-friendly salad dressing so that we'd have some easy grab-and-go options for the next day or two.  Then we also made a running list of what we realized we'd need that we forgot/hadn't realized we'd need. A learning process, it most definitely is and will continue to be.

So all in all, I'd say day 1 was totally successful, but came with a bit of a reality check as far as the amount of planning/prepping and overall effort it will take (which we already knew about and expected, but you know.  Reality and stuff.)

According to the Whole30 folks, this is supposed to be the onset of a two-day hangover, during which time you are essentially detoxing from all of the crap you ate right before starting your paleo experiment (which, for me, was an immense amount of crap).  I'd say I started feeling the hangover late in day 1, with a headache that has lasted through to the end of day 2.  Of course, my headache may have been in part due to caffeine withdrawal due to struggling to find a paleo-friendly way to make my coffee palatable (more on that to come!)

Feeling much more "So, What's the Big Deal," today after our CookFest yesterday, given packing up breakfast and lunch today was a breeze (hardboiled eggs and berries for breakfast, leftover fajita chicken and steamed veggies for lunch, almonds and fruit for a snack).  Dinner was a quick and easy salmon and brussel sprouts.

And, of course, the mid-day reminder that having a compadre in this experiment is priceless!

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