Thursday, March 6, 2014

TIGER BLOOD! March : Days 4 & 5

Day 5 is coming to a close, and we are still alive and functioning, squee! According to the Whole30 folks and their timeline, days 4 & 5 are the "KILL ALL OF THE THINGS" phase, during which time you are supposed to be a major grump because you are being deprived of tasty treats and thrown out of your comfort zone and getting your hormones regulated, etc.

Well, we managed to stay pretty grump free, and didn't kill any of the things! Hurrah! Maybe a few grumblings here and there, and I may or may not have almost snapped Phil's head off for a benign, Candy Crush related comment.  Phil said it best, though, when I asked him if he wanted to kill all of the things... he said "No... I more just want to push all of the things over a little."  I imagine a grumpy little kid pouting and shoving their playmate down in the sandbox for stealing their toy. Sounds about right.

However, it has been hard to feel deprived when indulging in tasty comfort foods like this....

(Spaghetti squash with italian meatballs in marinara sauce - umyums. We would happily eat this during non-paleo times as well.)

The most noticeable thing I've noticed (yes my mastery of the English language is astounding) is how not hungry I've been (which I alluded to in terms of how filling paleo is and how easy it is to stop eating when full here).  I've actually had to worry more than anything that I'm not getting enough food throughout the day - and not because I'm intentionally depriving myself, but because I just haven't gotten as hungry.  I'm sure this is because I'm eating more filling foods that provide more sustainable energy and fulfillment than usual, and food is no longer viewed at as a pleasurable thing to be endlessly craved and indulged in.  It's just an interesting observation, and fascinating to have a mental and physical switch of thinking of food almost purely as fuel.  Learning. Growing. Continued.

Oh and I also discovered that I find kombucha delicious, which is nice, since it is not only paleo-approved, but paleo-recommended (probiotics and such).  I just have to not at all think about what it really is (mushroom-fungus-jellyfish-water) when I drink it, otherwise I'd blow mushroom-fungus-jellyfish-water-chunks (how's that for a delightful image?!).

Also, thanks to paleo, I cooked and ate beets for the first time ever! And they were tastycakes.

Beets, beans and beef! Alliteration: a great way to make your lame paleo meal seem more exciting.


  1. Glad to hear your first week of Paleo has been so positive. The meatballs look delish! I'm just curious about the beans though....Paleo beans????

    1. Green beans!! I just omitted the "green" part because it ruins my fun alliteration ;)