Saturday, March 8, 2014


There has been a lot brewing on the house front, but so far none of it is complete enough to share, but I do want to take a break from my TIGER BLOOD! March paleo focus and get back to the house stuff by sharing one small crafty project that got a little switcheroo after the holidays.  You may have seen here my super cheap and easy DIY holiday banner... well after the holidays went back from whence they came, I still loved the idea of using the twine and clothespin in that spot for decoration.  So I just traded out the holiday schwag for some Instagram prints that have previously been shoved in a drawer, and voila! A nice, personal touch that provides an otherwise blank and boring half-wall with something pretty to look at. 

This project was actually perfect for these Instagram prints - I got a bunch printed out a while ago, thinking they'd be great to have on hand to hang up in frames, etc., but only after I ordered them did I remember that they are such a funky size they really don't fit into most standard frames.  Nowadays many people make Instagram-friendly square frames, but I have yet to acquire any of those.  So this was a great way to get to display these square photos of super un-square people (harhar), instead of shoving them in a drawer like has been the case thus far.

Hopefully I can share the big updates we've made to our living spaces and bedroom very soon! (hint: there IS such a thing as a new couch smell!)

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