Monday, March 10, 2014

TIGER BLOOD! March: Days 8&9

Alrighty, well, we are officially into week 2.  Days 8 & 9, according to the folks at Whole30, is supposed to be the day we curse Ryan Gosling because our pants are actually tighter than before (due to bloating, etc., as your gut heals and continues to adjust).  I'd say I maintain my netural feelings towards Ryan Gosling, as my pants are fitting just fine, if not a little better, thanks.  Plus, Ryan supports my experiment, so I really shouldn't be too harsh on him...

 I may be experiencing other digestive adjustment issues (I'll spare you the details), but nothing too significant.  Still just adjusting both mentally and physically is the name of the game. 

So far one thing about this experience that has downright shocked me, mostly due to naivety I guess, is the cost of this experiment. I'm talking financial cost. 

We speculated we'd actually save money on food this month, seeing as how we pretty much wouldn't be eating out at all.  Oh, were we mistaken.  Nine days in and we've already blown through the majority of our food budget for this month.  Granted, we did a fair amount of stockpiling meat and basic staples in the beginning so our costs were probably (hopefully) front loaded within the month, but we will for certain still need to make quite a few trips to the store before the month is over.  And, paleo food is downright expensive.  Buying organic fruits and veggies, and organic and/or grass-fed meat ain't cheap.  So that has been a painful part of this month.  If anyone knows how to make this more affordable, I'll be eager to listen, because I really can't figure it out. So far all I've managed to do is pay attention to the "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean Fifteen lists and only buy organic when necessary, instead of as a general rule.  But that only saves miniscule amounts, because, of course the most expensive things, and the things we buy most often, are on the Dirty Dozen list (bell peppers? berries? holy cow. so expensive. And we eat so much of them). And of course, organic produce rarely goes on sale. End sob fest.

Money woes aside, I think we are getting better at being able to whip up quicker and easier paleo meals than when we first started.  For times when we don't want to put  a lot of time or effort into cooking dinner (and we normally would just throw some pasta in a pot or have a PB&J sandwich), we've found that grilling up some chicken and throwing it in a salad or roasting up some veggies to go along with it is as mindlessly easy as you can get. So we have done that a couple times so far, and it's pretty painless, and luckily doesn't take all night.

As you can tell, I have discovered the world of paleo memes. So I hope you like memes. Because there will be more. Oh yes. There will be more.

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